Love Em All Lyrics - Usher

Usher - Love 'Em All Lyrics

These are Love Em All Lyrics by Usher.

I'm alone in this room
The only thing that's on my mind is you
I can't lie and say that I don't hear your call at night
That's something for 'ya
Got plenty to go around
I guess I gotta remind you how I put it down

There's too many women in here and i wanna
Love em all (3x)
And i just cant pick one out of them so imma
Cut em all (3x)

There's enough of me to go around up in this club, yeah
And there's enough of me to make sure i pleasure all these girls in this club, yeah
Im gonna make sure its fair
Gone do you and you and you
And then Im gonna do her
Okay lets get it straight up
Ladies get in line, yeah
Imma take you back to school
Just raise your hand girl
If you want me to get to you

They wanna love me (8x)

These girls are gonna hate me if i give too much attention to one girl, yeah
So i might just have to double up, no triple up to make it through these girls, yeah
You kiss me here, touch me there, you move over, bring her here
All aboard, get up on this plane
I gotta 7/47 kinda love girl
And I can take you all over the world

They wanna love me (8x)

Now usually I'm a one kinda girl kinda guy
Now imma free to get at every girl kinda guy
And if you down for that (I'm down)
Say put me down for that (put me down)
I don't think you really hear me baby
Let me break it down
Cause lately I've been an all up in love kinda guy
But now Im a single to beat it up kinda guy
And if you down for that (I'm down)
Say put me down for that (put me down)
Raise your hands in the air
If you want usher yeah

They wanna love me (8x)

These were Love Em All Lyrics by Usher.


Catherine said...


Anonymous said...

Awesome Song

Anonymous said...

i love him so ..
It's one of his best songs ..
awesome :o
It makes me speechless

R. ;)

Anonymous said...

love love LOOOVE dis song!! by far my fave <3

Anonymous said...

Omg usher ur the best.

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